There are a variety of circumstances that prompt a homeowner to consider upgrading their home’s windows and doors. Whether they want to bring the appearance of an old home up to date or they hope to decrease noise pollution inside of their home, homeowners are likely motivated by more than one reason to make the switch.

A common reason homeowners decide on an upgrade is to improve the energy efficiency of their home. In addition to enjoying energy savings, homeowners also experience a better home environment upon completion of the upgrade.

The added benefit to replacing cracked glass or broken casings is the opportunity to upgrade the windows altogether. No matter the initial trigger to replace their windows, ultimately homeowners may commit to an upgrade after learning about the benefits of energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Means Comfort

With extreme weather events becoming the norm across the country, upgrading to energy efficient windows and doors can help homeowners improve their home’s comfort. Whether the outside temperature is hitting a high or is unseasonably low, upgraded windows and doors will keep everyone cool or cozy inside.

Windows and doors not only give homeowner’s physical access and viewing access to the outside world, they are also the source of energy loss in a home’s envelope. Not only will energy efficient windows and doors keep your home comfortable, but they will also reduce the cost of heating, cooling, and lighting.

Heat Loss and Gain

Homeowners have long battled against the conditions exterior to their homes. The surest path for heat and humidity to the inside of the home is the window. And under extreme conditions, moisture makes its way inside a home via the window, as well.

Windows are the culprits in heat loss and gain. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 25%-30% of the energy used to heat and cool a home goes to counteracting what is lost to windows.

Older windows often leak air. Homeowners combat these leaks with additional materials and hours of labor that can reduce the enjoyment of natural light and fresh air.

After caulking and weather stripping windows, homeowners can no longer open and close windows. Or if they add storm windows, opening a window only leads to another window. And if they decide to invest in window coverings, they’ve blocked the natural light offered by the window.

Making the one-time investment in energy efficient windows is an alternative to the chronic investments in time and materials that it takes to compensate for energy inefficient windows throughout the year. Plus, energy efficient windows enable homeowners to enjoy fresh air, natural light, and the views windows can offer when unencumbered by the various tools of energy capture.

Energy Efficiency to the Rescue

An energy saver, quality windows can help you save money on energy costs in your home. Old windows can not only cost energy dollars, but they can also add to water leaks, humidity issues, and potentially pest control challenges.

While a homeowner may assume new windows would automatically mean energy efficient windows, there are standards in the industry to help a homeowner make informed decisions. Labeling of energy efficient products can serve as a guide in choosing the right windows for the home.

Energy Star and NFRC Labels

Homeowners can ask their window installer about the Energy Star label on their windows. Administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Energy Star is a public-private partnership providing simple, credible, and unbiased information to homeowners on energy efficiency.

In addition to the Energy Star label, homeowners can also ask their window installer about the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label. An NFRC label is included on all Energy Star certified windows. Providing a reliable method to compare products, the NFRC label lists the details of the window’s energy properties.

The details of energy performance ratings for windows can be overwhelming for a homeowner interested in making the best decision for their home and family. Seeking a professional window installer’s expert advice is a path for those wishing to make the best decision for both their home and their family.

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