With so many options to choose from, it’s a quality challenge to find the right window style for your home. The architectural style of the home coupled with the location of the windows in the home can guide the decision-making.

While custom-built homes and contemporary architecture call for custom window styles, it’s still the classic window styles that remain popular among homeowners seeking to upgrade their windows. Standard styles like the double-hung window maintain their place as a favorite among homeowners.

Double-Hung Windows

A classic style, the double-hung window offers a timeless look to your home. One of the most popular styles of window, the double-hung still proves to be a favorite among homeowners who are upgrading the windows and doors in their home.

Sliding along a vertical track to open and close, this window type can be opened from the top or the bottom. The style of this window fits in a variety of architectural types of home. No matter your neighborhood’s theme, the double-hung window suits the traditional appearance of most homes.

Widely available, double-hung windows make for quick installation. Easy to clean, these windows can come in different designs.

Single-Hung Windows

Similar to double-hung windows, single-hung windows feature two panes. The upper pane remains fixed while the lower pane slides up to open.

And like the double-hung window, the single-hung window provides a classic look to your home. Popular among homeowners, the single-pane window matches most home styles.

Installation is straightforward, and the popular style is widely available. Energy and cost-efficient, single-hung windows remain a top pick for those looking to leverage the advantages of upgrading windows in the home.

Awning Windows

Awning windows remain popular with their simple design. An airtight seal when closed, this window style is easy to operate.

Similar in appearance to an awning when open, awning windows open outward from the top of the window. Protecting your home from frequent storms, awning windows shield your home from the elements while allowing fresh air to enter the home.

Also a popular window for the bathroom, awning windows provide the flexibility to vent the room while also maintaining privacy for the user. Homeowners often install awning windows above the first floor to prevent them from obstructing walkways or landscaping.

Picture Windows

To take advantage of a great view, homeowners choose the option of a picture window. Literally a picture on a wall, picture windows also allow plenty of sunshine into a home.

If a homeowner doesn’t need airflow in a section of their home, a picture window is a convenient alternative to windows that open and close. A fixed piece of glass, a picture window does not open but does flood a room with light instead of airflow.

Bay Windows

Bay Windows not only create a dramatic scene inside of a home, they serve as an aesthetic focal point on the exterior of a home. A three-unit window, bay windows often conspire with a bench to create a cozy, sunlit seating area.

Similar to a bay window, a bow window features four or more windows. Both bay and bow windows add an architectural and a functional element to the inside and the outside of a home.

Crafting the quintessential reading nook, a bay window draws the homeowner to sit by the window for an afternoon of sunshine and fresh air.

Sliding Windows

Simultaneously serving as a door and a window, sliding windows are made of glass. Transforming a wall into a portal to the outdoors, sliding windows can be floor-to-ceiling length.

Easy to open and close, sliding windows open horizontally, enabling gravity to do most of the work for you. And with fewer moving parts, sliding windows are more energy efficient.

Benefits of Upgrading Windows

No matter which style you choose, upgrading your windows brings a multitude of benefits to your home. Improving the home’s value, upgrading the windows can decrease energy costs while also increasing the comfort of the home.

Window and Door Replacement in Texas and Florida

When choosing the window style for your home, partner with a professional window installer. Avana Window and Doors offer quality window brands to clients.

Both a Texas window company and Florida window company, Avana features composite windows and wood clad windows and doors in a variety of styles.

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