The options are endless! How is a homeowner supposed to choose windows and doors to suit their home’s style? By deciding on the purpose of your windows, you can narrow the options, making your choosing a little easier.

With a window to serve every purpose in a home, you can find the one that best suits a need in that spot of your space. And with a variety of designs for each type of window, you can decide on a style that matches your home’s personality, as well as your family’s personality.

Design is the fun part! There are also the practical elements to a window. Whether you need to keep the heat at bay or keep the heat up close, your new windows can serve as more than a decoration. They can protect you and your furnishing while keeping your entire home comfortable despite the weather outside.

Form Follows Function

The 19th century quote coined by architect Louis H. Sullivan can still guide decision-making today when it comes to style. Frank Lloyd Wright’s mentor used the phrase to sum up the principle of design that suggests the shape of an object should relate to its purpose primarily.

The homeowner can lean on this principle to start the process in deciding on windows and doors perfect for their home’s style. Once they have decided on the function of the window and door, the choices in form are narrowed down – making the decision slightly easier.

As an example, casement windows provide top-to-bottom ventilation by opening outward. For a part of your home where reach may be a challenge, casement windows are a convenient solution.

The space above a kitchen sink is a perfect spot for a casement window. Within the choice of a casement window for the kitchen, the homeowner can then decide between a vinyl casement for a contemporary kitchen with clean lines or a wood casement for a more traditional style.

Customize Your View

If your home is nestled among the trees or settled along the waterfront, make the most of your views with statement windows. With custom designs, you and your window installer can create a series of windows scaled to fit both the inside of your home, as well as the expanse of your view.

For homes with soaring ceilings, customization enables you to design breathtaking walls of windows. Bringing both natural light and stunning views into your home transforms your space into a magical living area.

There is no limit to customization. Make the most of your project by learning how your windows can be designed to match your exclusive needs and to fit your home’s proportion.

Keep the Heat Out

Whether you live in a modern to contemporary home or you’ve added a contemporary wing to an older home, floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding windows can make you feel like the outdoors is an extension of your living space.

But those same scenic windows can also be a gateway to unwanted heat that you’re trying to shelter from. Not to mention the sun rays can fade the colors on your furnishings. Under these conditions, you can install low-e (low emissivity) windows.

The low-e coating on the windows reflects infrared light, keeping the summer heat outside – or keeping the winter heat inside. The coating also reflects ultraviolet light, protecting your furnishings from fading.

Under ideal outdoor temperatures, sliding windows allow you to extend your home into the outdoors. Opening the windows to a pleasant and sunny day can bring the best of Mother Nature into your home while inviting you to explore the outdoors freely.

Investing in Windows

Protect your investment by turning to the expertise of professionals. Rely on a trusted source of windows that works exclusively with the best brands. Whether you need consultation on customization or low-e windows, trust in a top notch business.

For nearly twenty years, Avana Windows and Doors has served the communities of Houston, Dallas, Galveston and Corpus Christi. A Texas window company, Avana now brings its expertise as a professional window installer to South Florida.

Offering quality window brands, our window replacement and door replacement services feature JELD-WEN, Simonton, and MI Windows and Doors among many other brands of window and doors known for composite windows and wood clad windows and doors.

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